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Our fee is calculated according to the recording time: normally, the Italian reading is 120/130 words per minute. However, we can not have a precise idea of the final costs until we have viewed the text. Keep in mind that there are different rates applied for recordings used for commercials on web/television/radio or that require lip-syncing. There are no extra charges for small changes or additions (less than 10%) to the text, within 10 days from the delivery. We are available to make a custom quote for each job.
If you want to hear an example of your recorded project, send us a text segment of a maximum of 60 words and indicate to us the style of acting (or send us the original version if you have one). We will produce a free demo and send it to you within 24 hours.


Let us know how many minutes is the recording or the numbers of the words in the text

no broadcastbroadcast tv/web

no time constraintlip sync
time constraintpostproduction

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