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Are you looking for an Italian voice over for your multimedia project? Look no further.
We speak with proper diction, a perfect Italian, and we record our voices in high audio quality for corporate, commercial, documentary, game, e-learning, educational, app, telephone service, audiobook and audio guide. With many years of experience in recordings off and online, we may help you.

We are two Italian voice talents, Andrea (male) and Silvia (female). We live and work in Milan, Italy and from our profesional home studio, our voices reach every corner of the world and you can listen to them on the websites, YouTube, TV, radio and call centers.
Our mission is to look after your project in a professional, accurate and fast way.

The list of satisfied customers is constantly growing. Become one of them!
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We are good. We assure proper Italian language for the Italian public. Before recording, we always check the text and, if necessary, we suggest adaptations or small corrections achieve the best outcome. We comply with the style and speed of our reading according to your needs, we verify the pronunciations of foreign words and acronym. If you want, you can also supervise the live recording by connecting with our studio. We can deliver in 24 hours maximum. Sometimes before!
It makes the difference. We guarantee you both artistic and technical qualities. Firstly, the professionalism and the experience earned in many years may help you choose the right tone of voice in order to make your message into successful communication. Secondly, the equipment of the studio ensures a high quality of the recording.
You just have to try. If you want to hear an example of your recorded project, send us a text segment of maximum of 60 words and indicate tp us the style of acting (or send us the original version if you have one). We will produce a free demo and send it to you within 24 hours.

No surprise! Our fee is calculated according to the recording time: normally, the Italian reading is 120/130 words per minute. However, we can not have a precise idea of the final costs until we have viewed the text. Keep in mind that there are different rates applied for recordings for commercials on web/tv/radio or that require lip-syncing. There are no extra charges for small changes or additions (less than 10%) to the text, within 10 days from the delivery. We are available to make a custom quote for each job.

Something more! With an added price, we can do audio post-production of your project: video synchronization, split of the files, conversion of the files, final mix with the international soundtrack or created expressly and small video corrections with cuts and subtitles.

We can do this too. Putting us in touch with professional interpreters of the adaptation and translation of TV programs scripts and corporate video texts, we can give you this service (adding a price) in three languages: English, French, German.

Keep calm! We guarantee the archive of the recordings produced for at least 12 months. Therefore if you need to ask for an update or correction of your project, we can do it with the same quality as the original one.

We know it's important to you. Every time you communicate with us for a project, we undertake to use your data in compliance with the law, adopting on the site and on other digital media the appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure or modification of the data.

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